Chinese New Year

Good Morning and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to our extended Citrus Fam.

One of our core values is to do more with less. SO, instead of being disappointed that ‘party store’ gave me the year of the Rat instead of the Tiger, I just made it an art project. Google, Print, Snip Snip, and Tape. Good as new!! And I must say, a much cuter tiger than they could have even given me.

We picked up the Chinese horoscope book for 2010 and have been passing it around the office. Citrus Studios, itself, is THE RABBIT. It seems only right to share the Career section with all of you.. “CAREER: You wouldn’t dream of loudly boasting about how hard you are working when the boss is in earshot. Still, you definitely need to do something to attract favorable attention to yourself – and perhaps put more aggressive and self important co-workers to shame in the process! Your best bet it to treat your employer like royalty because fine social graces, genuine compliments, and showing keen interest in anything and everything he or she says and does will enable you to climb the ladder of success. ” I agree with everything except for putting anyone to shame. AND that brings us to another Citrus core value. BE HUMBLE. We do have the best boss in the world though, and she deserves the royal treatment!

Until next time.
Sarah P.


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