feathers and chocolate chip cookies

In case you didn’t know, Citrus is a primarily female dominated office, so forgive the blogs if they appeal a little more to women’s taste. With that being said, WE LOVE FASHION and LOVE FOLLOWING THE TRENDS.

I am now titling this insert “Feathers and Bows.”

Do you have your feathers and bows on right now? Me neither. But I do have them at home waiting for another day. It was just our lovely boss’ birthday and one of the gifts she received was a beautiful headband with feathers and jewels. My mind immediately went to the decorative head in my bedroom that is housing all on my feather head pieces. I wanted to be wearing them all at that moment. Doesn’t it just remind you of a time when glamour was key? And speaking of glamour.. BOWS!!! One of our programmers was wearing little bow bracelets today. They matched my bow necklace. Maybe she will let me borrow them (hint hint Julie). I swear I am getting to a point. I wanted to start a little fashion section on this blog. The things we are into right now. What the women of Citrus are wearing. Stay tuned for more trends!!

I am attaching an old photo of Kalika sporting the feathers.. she was so ahead of her time!!


  1. Julieana

    err, de bow bracelets are on sale @ Ann Taylor Loft, wink wink 😀

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