10 reasons you should have lemons in your fridge

Lemons are a versatile, tart fruit that can be used for anything from baking sugar cookies to garnishing a frosty glass of sparkling water. But there’s more to the lemon than you might think. For example, lemon juice can help you boil eggs!

There are there are plenty of reasons to keep a few lemons in the fridge (and make sure you do keep them refrigerated — they’ll last several weeks longer that way). But just in case you weren’t sold yet, HowStuffWorks.com compiled 10 unique, useful and interesting ways you can use these bitter little fruits to do everything from adding a punch to ice cubes to helping you prevent skin cancer.

* Making Gremolata: If you’re watching your sodium intake or are just looking for something unusual to spice up your meals, try gremolata. Gremolata is an Italian condiment that’s traditionally used with meat and seafood dishes.
* Reviving Soggy Lettuce: To transform limp greens, simply squeeze a halved lemon into a bowl of cold (but not freezing) water. Then, refrigerate the lettuce in the bowl for about an hour, dry it off, and presto! Like magic, your lettuce is revitalized.
* Ensuring Good Health : Lemon water provides a natural, tasty cure for many common ailments. For example, you can relieve a sore throat by gargling lemon water for one minute, three times a day. It also works to purify your kidneys, liver and blood.

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