CNBC Discusses the NAWBO-LA Luncheon

Jane Wells, CNBC Correspondent, wrote an article about Friday’s NAWBO-LA luncheon.

Here’s an interesting fact: LA is the single largest market for women-owned businesses

Honoree Caroline Nahas had this advice for entrepreneurs:

“If you can’t believe in yourself then it’s very hard for people to believe in you,” and “Don’t dismiss or discount how much of an impact all of us can make. You don’t have to be the CEO, you don’t have to be the president, to make an impact on someone else.”

Business owner and honoree Lizanne Falsetto talked about the inspiring advice her father gave her:

“If you don’t get butterflies and you don’t have passion,” he told her, “step away, because you won’t want it bad enough.”

Words about team work from honoree, and business owner Paula Schneider:

it’s important for leaders “not to treat their employees like, ‘Oh, they’re lucky to have a job.’ No one is lucky to have a job. You’re lucky to have good employees, and, you know, when the job market opens up, those people you treated like ‘they were lucky to have a job’ are gonna be lucky to have a job somewhere else. It’s all about the people.”

Read the full article here


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