Have a Great Twitter Background

Not only should your website url be posted on your Twitter profile, and your company logo should be your Twitter icon– but your Twitter background should be reflective of your brand.

It is customary to list company info to the left of the Twitter posts. The Motley Fool also lists the Twitter handles of their other Tweeters.

Customize your Twitter background

A 1680 x 1200 pixel image is recommended, and the image resolution should be web standard 72 dpi, with maximum file size at 800 KB.

Layout: Accounting for the 760 pixel center column, the space left over on either side will depend on the visitor’s resolution. The space at the top for the Twitter logo will remain constant at about 65 pixels, and a good rule of thumb is to leave about 200 pixels at the left for your design. This will accommodate most monitor resolutions.

After you have an image, upload it:

Go to “Settings”
“Change background image”
“Save changes”



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