How Your Company Can Use Social Media

Are people at your office still not sure about Social Media? Do they read “Social” and they think it sounds too friendly?

Some ways your company can use Social Media:

Customer service
Search engine optimization
Drive sales
Position as experts or thought leaders
Lead generation
Business development
Competitive monitoring
Reward loyal customers
Share news and info

We want to hear from you- add to the list!


  1. Here’s an example of what you can do with Twitter. Say your company makes artisanal cheese and you see your cheese or your competitor’s cheese is the subject of a whole string of tweets. That’s a string of tweets, not string cheese. And by monitoring the location of the tweeters, you notice a few cities appear to dominate the artisanal cheese tweet traffic. You could then work with a store in those cities that sells your cheese to run a special tasting and promotion. You could then tweet an @ to people who’ve been tweeting about artisanal cheese, letting them know about the event. Quite likely they’re artisanal cheese aficionados and will re-tweet your tweet. Sound cheesy? Not to them.

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