ReTweeting Trends

On Twitter, you want people to ReTweet (RT) your posts. Increase the chances of your Twitter posts being ReTweeted, by using timely content, and even just asking for a RT.

The type of posts that are most likely to get ReTweeted:

-Calls to action (as in: “please ReTweet” or “please RT”), while they might sound cheesy, work very well to get   ReTweets.

– Timely content gets ReTweeted a lot.
– Freebies are popular.
– Self-reference (Tweeting about Twitter) works.
– Lists are huge.
– People like to ReTweet blog posts.

69% of retweets have a link

More RTs during business hours

Pay attention to your posts- what can you do to make them more ReTweetable?


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