We are always searching for new ways to make everyday life easier! We found this great article in Executive Travel Magazine about the top 15 Essential iPad apps and thought we would share! “The iPad becomes an indispensable business assistant when it’s loaded with these essential apps.”

Here is the App and Why you Need it!!
1. Atomic Web Browser – Apples default web browser lacks desktop PC-style features that are essential for online work.
2. Dragon Dictation – Blaze through notes faster than it takes to tap on onscreen keyboard.
3. Office2 HD – The iPad can’t run Microsoft Office, but Office2 HD edits Office files; your clients won’t know you were working on an iPad.
4. Keynote – Import, edit and present PowerPoint slides – the currency of many businesses – anywhere.
5. Dropbox – It’s invaluable for getting files on and off your iPad, so you can edit work documents anywhere.
6. Evernote – Keeps notes perfectly organized, synced and available on your iPad or any PC.
7. Urbanspoon – Make the most of your travels by dining well in unfamiliar cities.
8. Wikihood Plus for iPad – Orient yourself to new cities instead of treating business trips as “everything away from home.”
9. FileMaker Go for iPad – Tap into – end even create – business databases anywhere.
10. OmniGraffle – Be ready to cultivate inspiration anywhere, quickly recording your ideas.
11. Instapaper – Make better use of your time, revisiting long articles when you’re free instead of losing track of the text once the next email arrives.
12. SplashID – Safely store all your passwords and confidential notes.
13. Flipboard – Flipboard drastically improves the way you interact with Twitter and Facebook.
14. Hulu Plus – Watch the TV shows you want to see, instead of what’s on the hotel cable feed.
15. Plants vs. Zombies – A whimsical game occupies you during downtime or a long flight.


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