Oftentimes when you visit a website, the very first thing you notice is the color aesthetic; yet, when it comes time to deciding what color theme is best-suited for your website, you discover how difficult the task at hand is.

Choosing colors for your website is no simple matter. In addition to the entire psychology of colors, you must know which ones work well together to enhance your visitors’ viewing experience when it comes to web design. Here are some quick tips to help you:

  • Choose natural colors (i.e. neon pink is no good for anyone’s eyes!)
  • Choose colors that will contrast enough to make the important things pop (backgrounds shouldn’t bring too much attention to the visitor)
  • Choose three colors (less is more!)
  • Choose complimentary colors (take a good look at the color wheel)
  • Choose colors that suit your company (i.e. pink for maternity, green for golfing, red for food)
  • At Citrus Studios, our web design staff excel at building stunning, efficient websites that help your company establish its online presence — let us aid you in building one that is right for you and your business. Contact us today!


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