The Secret of Successful Feng Shui

best website design, Citrus Studios
Light Blue: Harmonious expansion and gentle growth. Found at the door, Citrus Studios, CA


The first thing you will notice upon walking into Citrus Studios is a clean and positive energy. Even those with more insular qualities have commented on the “great energy” the space holds.  This is not an accident.  This is Feng Shui.

Everything about Feng Shui is designed to maximize the flow of “Chi”, or energy, through yourself and the environment. The benefits of this in the office are obvious.  Lets take a look at our conference room for example. See what you can apply to your home or office!

In Every Corner

The far left-hand corner of the room is known as the wealth corner. Here you will find a tall Chinese money tree. Fame is found directly opposite the door. So is a large poster of Citrus’ core values. Creativity is found on the right hand side of the room.  Notice an outward flowing waterfall symbolizing the constant creative flow.

Natural Light

The room also has lots of windows and a glass door. Feng Shui is centered on the atmosphere of the home remaining bright with sun during the day to allow good energy to enter and to keep the curtains drawn tight at night so that the darkness, or bad energy, cannot.

Good energy is thought to bring with it healing and health both spiritual and physical. It helps make Citrus Studios one of the best places to work in Los Angeles!


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