Put A Twi$t On Your Business and Boost Sales


Great points and inspiration for your business from the CRAVE Blog: Put a Twi$t on it!

1.  Know everything about your business, seriously everything, know your employees, your products, your mission statement, sales goals etc.

2.  Empower your employees – make your employees want to work and give them a reason to try to sell add-ons or extras items.

3.  Display your items well – make sure to display add-ons or extras very well and make them look desirable and noticed.

4.  Create brand awareness, if you love your brand others will want to love it too!

5.  Collaborate with others to help promote your business.

6.  Seek out key businesses and/or partners to triple your business, leverage yourself, and get the word out – Go global.

7.  Overwhelm and struggle are self created – overwhelm is immediately controllable and stoppable, do not let yourself get carried away with overwhelm.

8.  Intuition is huge, go with it.

9.  Make money!!!! Go big, don’t settle for small.  If you are making money, it means you are helping people and doing something good, giving a service or item to others.

10.  Do a give back promotion to create buzz and make people want to come back.

11.  Offer services for all different ages/genders.

12.  Social Media is great for your business, this means signing up for Twitter/Facebook etc.


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