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We are always searching for new ways to make everyday life easier! We found this great article in Executive Travel Magazine about the top 15 Essential iPad apps and thought we would share! “The iPad becomes an indispensable business assistant when it’s loaded with these essential apps.”

Here is the App and Why you Need it!!
1. Atomic Web Browser – Apples default web browser lacks desktop PC-style features that are essential for online work.
2. Dragon Dictation – Blaze through notes faster than it takes to tap on onscreen keyboard.
3. Office2 HD – The iPad can’t run Microsoft Office, but Office2 HD edits Office files; your clients won’t know you were working on an iPad.
4. Keynote – Import, edit and present PowerPoint slides – the currency of many businesses – anywhere.
5. Dropbox – It’s invaluable for getting files on and off your iPad, so you can edit work documents anywhere.
6. Evernote – Keeps notes perfectly organized, synced and available on your iPad or any PC.
7. Urbanspoon – Make the most of your travels by dining well in unfamiliar cities.
8. Wikihood Plus for iPad – Orient yourself to new cities instead of treating business trips as “everything away from home.”
9. FileMaker Go for iPad – Tap into – end even create – business databases anywhere.
10. OmniGraffle – Be ready to cultivate inspiration anywhere, quickly recording your ideas.
11. Instapaper – Make better use of your time, revisiting long articles when you’re free instead of losing track of the text once the next email arrives.
12. SplashID – Safely store all your passwords and confidential notes.
13. Flipboard – Flipboard drastically improves the way you interact with Twitter and Facebook.
14. Hulu Plus – Watch the TV shows you want to see, instead of what’s on the hotel cable feed.
15. Plants vs. Zombies – A whimsical game occupies you during downtime or a long flight.


Citrus Studios has the most amazing neighbors! Our clients and friends, Yogitoes, came for a visit and a Social Media training session today! Its always nice to see them and their mascot, Goa! Check them out! “yogitoes® has become a recognized global yoga brand, designing innovative products for yoga and beyond.   The SKIDLESS® yoga towel is one of the most widely used yoga accessories used in studios. ”

“Social media is like a toddler, but nobody yet knows what a promise that toddler holds.” – Jorn Lyseggen

Citrus Studios is always trying to come up with ways to get people excited about Social Media. This article touches on the impact it indeed has. Citrus offers variety of Social Media Services. We will facebook, tweet, blog, and youtube for you and your company. Citrus Studios HONESTLY believes in the power of social media, and this article JUST might convince you. I would write more, but I have things to post on Facebook and my twitter notification on my phone just went off! Contact us if you have any questions!

Southern California’s San Fernando Valley has always played an iconic role in defining the American suburb. Home to over 1.7 million people, and encompassing some 260 square miles, “the Valley” defies easy typecasting, despite people’s inclination to do so., sponsored by The Valley Economic Alliance in partnership with the Valley Visitors Bureau, serves as the Valley’s “official” representation online. Citrus Studios was recently selected to reimagine Web site. This was no small task, as it required combining five individual Web sites-focused on areas such as business development, community, lifestyle, tourism, and more-into a single cohesive site. In addition, Citrus was tasked with implementing user-friendly yet powerful content management and e-commerce systems.

Citrus began by developing a comprehensive plan for organizing and presenting the vast amount of content that the new site was to assemble. The aforementioned primary subject areas were to be maintained as distinct segments within the new site, but were to interlink in a manner that suggested the dynamics of the Valley itself-a diverse and vibrant community of residents, businesses, and visitors. Frequent updates were a key element in the new site’s plan for success; it was decided to present these timely postings as if they were breaking news items.

Such frequent updates necessitated the ability to make them-by non-technical people. Drupal was selected for’s content management needs. Drupal is a flexible and highly scalable solution that was built in an inherently modular manner: additional “modules” are seamlessly added to Drupal to extend existing features, or introduce new ones. Ubercart, the e-commerce solution designed for integration with Drupal, was implemented to provide full online product and order management functionality, as well as Amazon store integration. Drupal’s content management capabilities include full image and file management, meta data incorporation and editing, and the development of search engine-friendly URLs.

The result is a highly successful “portal to the Valley,” in all its unique and varied guises. The home page contains a “carousel” of featured articles. These are selected by the site’s editors, and can be added, deleted, or updated easily at any time. Intended to serve as an ongoing “go-to source” for its various constituents, the site is designed to enable customization for repeat visitors. Logged-in visitors can customize the home page by selecting and displaying relevant weather reports and traffic maps. In addition, they can choose to display data from five stock indexes, and/or news feeds from three area publications. This powerful functionality serves as a differentiator from other Web sites, and encourages repeat visitation by providing constantly updated, targeted information.

Job listings are provided through an integrated feed with An interactive Flash map incorporates demographic data to provide a Valley overview that is as interesting as it is helpful. A searchable directory of businesses, attractions, and dining locations puts information at users’ fingertips. Advertising banners are easily added to the site, and provide additional income for the Valley Economic Alliance.

The new provides a fitting introduction to the Valley itself. Like the fabled place it represents, the site is dynamic, all-encompassing, and ever-changing.

UCLA is hosting the 4th annual California Clean Innovation (CACI) Conference on Friday, May 7. CACI provides a forum for entrepreneurs, investors, and managers to review current clean technology trends and commercially viable innovations.

Register today!

Citrus launched the conference web site in a record two weeks!

Thanks UCLA for the opportunity! Have a great conference next week!

visited the Wende Museum (Archives of the Cold War) today and met with the great staff including the Executive Director/Founder Justinian Jampol, the Manager of Projects & Research Cristina Cuevas-Wolf, the Director of Collections & Public Programs Ljiljana Grubisic, Collections Manager John Elliott, and Rob Sherer the Development Director.

On display right outside the entrance was a striking segment of the Berlin Wall painted by Thierry Noir.

The Wende Museum has over 100,000 objects including beautiful paintings (oil on canvas), posters, sculptures, statues, newspapers (complete run of East Germany’s official daily newspaper, commemorative plates), books, films, flags/banners, magazines and other assets. They have several small rooms as exhibition space and a larger vault in the back.

Hope you get a chance to visit!

The Museum is open to the public every Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tour of the Vault at 3 p.m. Admission is free.

Wende Museum address:
5741 Buckingham Parkway, Suite E
Culver City, CA. 90230

It wasn’t that long ago that we launched K. Bell Sock’s new site which includes an eshop and links to social media.

The use of vibrant colors expresses the variety of styles that can be purchased, and the changing slide feature on the home page allows K. Bell Socks to swap out slides and update with promotions and news.

Citrus client

If you’re wanting to launch an eshop, or want to revamp the eshop you have, let us know!

Twitter listsFinancial Post has a list called “FP on Twitter”. This is a list of all the people at their company that are on Twitter. Utilize this cross-promotion! Make it easy on your Twitter followers to follow other team members.

Business Insider has a great interview with financial guru, and Citrus client, Paddy Hirsch. You know him from Marketplace on the radio and on the web.

Citrus launched Paddy’s website last year, and our resident photog Sarah P. took the photos for the site.

Paddy Hirsch