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LTD Expo is right around the corner!

Start off the new year by planning ahead and purchasing your ticket in advance — saving you both time and money better spent on, say, web design efforts! To help you out, Citrus Studios CEO Kalika Yap — who is scheduled to speak at the main stage panels — is offering readers a discount code for those planning to buy their tickets online.

Click here to get your tickets. For 15% off the price, enter the following code: NAWBODreamers

A one-day event, LTD Expo will take place at the Pasadena Convention Center on Thursday, January 13. The event is designed to help women strengthen their entrepreneurial and business skills through various speakers, educators, and workshops. From their site: “It’s time to launch your dream business and get connected to all the resources, tools, and people that will make your success a reality.”

For more information on the expo, click here.