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Pushing the idea of the further and complete integration of networking site usage and our daily lives, rumors of a Facebook handset have recently surfaced. BoyGenius reports exclusive details from an anonymous source who was involved in a focus group for the device:

With the phone market dominated by two superpowers – HTC and Apple – the ubiquitous presence of Facebook with its unchallenged usage and domination shows promise in a device that takes all the site’s features to a more compliant and accessible medium.

At such an early stage, and with the given details, those eager for such a phone can only go wild with the possibilities it can bring. Regardless of the final product, marketing yourself or your website through Facebook could be more streamlined with the Facebook phone. We at Citrus Studios appreciate such efficient integration, as we specialize in designing websites for maximum and easy exposure.

So, what do think – will a Facebook phone be hit or miss, and what would you want to see in it?