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As we pointed out previously, Google Analytics is an excellent marketing tool one should not be without in the online business world. We’ve come across this article that points out 5 often ignored — but great! — features to use, especially if you want to get your website recognized in your target audience.

1. Custom Reports: Simplify, organize, and customize the data to display your business’ needs.

2. Scheduled Reports: Make Analytics work for you with updates straight to your inbox.

3. Navigational Summary: Find key details for individual pages on your site.

4. eCommerce and the $ Index: If you have an online store, use this to track products you’re selling, how much you’re earning from them, and more.

5. Goals and Funnels: Setting and accomplishing your business goals are made easy with this feature.

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While we showed you how to track your website’s traffic, you’re probably wondering how to get traffic to your business website in the first place. No problem! Here are some easy, simple tips from this article that will help:

  • Business Cards: Phone numbers, while still important, do not provide the first impression that your website will give to your prospect or client. Seeing a business card without a website address these days is becoming rare.
  • E-Mail: Add your website URL to the signature of your e-mails. You’ll probably soon forget that it’s there, but you never know who may come across your e-mail!
  • Company Stationary: This may be obvious, but adding your business website address to your company stationary is a good move. It doesn’t hurt to put your URL everywhere.
  • Product Packaging: Whether it’s someone who is quick to throw out invoices or a friend who spotted and liked your product’s packaging, putting your company’s web address on the product’s box, envelope, or bag is an extremely effective way to reach out — customers are always quick to look for it!
  • Social Media Sites: You may have your About Me section excellently well-written and thought out; however, your business URL should be at the forefront of your Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

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Facebook may have dominated the Internet social networking world in the short time MySpace once did; yet it is still and continues to be a marketing must-have for anyone trying to build an online presence for their business. Facebook is here to stay — it’s a smart move to either add a profile or page on the site for your company.

In addition to creating and/or cementing your brand, Facebook is a fast and efficient way for you to connect with your demographic and have them discover you. Receiving direct (not to mention, free!) feedback from your customers is a plus, too.

Once you have built a page or profile, promoting it to your existing customers can be done through e-mails, a simple link on your website or blog, and more.

Citrus Studios web designers have excellent experience in building and utilizing Facebook for your business on your website. Contact us today so we can show you how Facebook can help your business grow!