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Holiday Trends With Mobile

As we pointed out previously, Google Analytics is an excellent marketing tool one should not be without in the online business world. We’ve come across this article that points out 5 often ignored — but great! — features to use, especially if you want to get your website recognized in your target audience.

1. Custom Reports: Simplify, organize, and customize the data to display your business’ needs.

2. Scheduled Reports: Make Analytics work for you with updates straight to your inbox.

3. Navigational Summary: Find key details for individual pages on your site.

4. eCommerce and the $ Index: If you have an online store, use this to track products you’re selling, how much you’re earning from them, and more.

5. Goals and Funnels: Setting and accomplishing your business goals are made easy with this feature.

For more information about Google Analytics and how you can make it work for you, your business, and your website, contact Citrus Studios today.