Posts Tagged ‘Twitter’ formerly known as Tweet Later is a service that provides free and paid productivity enhancement services for social media users and internet marketers. It consolidate your social networking activity so, if you have a Twitter and a Facebook account etc. for your business, you can control them all by logging into this one place!

Key features of SocialOomph:

  • Add/Manage an unlimited number of Twitter, Facebook or blog accounts
  • Schedule Tweets, Facebook status updates and even blog posts.
  • Save and reuse your draft tweets.
  • Auto Follow New Followers in Twitter and sends an automated Direct Messages (DMs)
  • Choose to vet new followers and Auto-Unfollow people who choose not to follow you back
  • Shows your @mentions and/or retweets for all your accounts on one page.
  • URL shortening and analytics tools.
  • Tracks keyword usage that monitors your social media accounts and sends you a report of tweets and other updates that contain the keywords you have selected.
  • Offers one central location for managing your social media updates and your blog posts simultaneously. You can easily view scheduled blog posts and social media updates to ensure that the two coincide with each other.

It makes life easy for yourself and your business, increase your social productivity and enhance your social networking encounter.

Why not give it a try and see how it works for your business.


While you’re contemplating that new website for the new year, perhaps this list of predicted website trends for 2011 will help with your decision.

  • Flexible Websites: Websites ought to be compatible in all media forms (browsers, mobile phones, iPads); the key to this trend is using multipleĀ CSS media queries to serve multiple layouts, enabling flexible websites.
  • HTML 5: Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have already implemented this major revision of Hyper Text Markup Language — so should you!
  • Mobile E-Commerce: With mobile shopping rising a grand 143 percent in the past year, online retailers should be seeking ways to sell their products easily on mobile browsers.
  • Less is More: With limited space on Twitter and Facebook statuses, websites are increasingly becoming more keen with maximizing their 140 characters.

At Citrus Studios, our team can help you achieve these goals (and more!). Contact us today to get started!

You don’t need someone’s mailing address to send them a gift using TwitGift. And unlike other platforms that send virtual gifts, these are actual gifts to send to people. What do you think of this type of service?

Show RSS feeds from a blog or Twitter account on your website.

Luxe Link, a portable purse holder, displays their Twitter feed on their home page.
Lux Link website

By showing your Twitter feed, you are telling customers you are out there, you want to find them, you want to engage. And the customer is noticing!

Do you have a custom Twitter background?

We recommend a background that reflects your company and your product, and that is cohesive with your brand.

Our Twitter background has our design aesthetic, as well as photos of our Tweeters.
Twitter backgrounds

If you don’t want to use one of the standard backgrounds that comes with Twitter, there are free Twitter background sites out there. But we recommend working with a graphic designer to tailor one just for you. Let us know if we can help!