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MYNG creates functional healthcare spaces infused with flowing interior designs that set patients at ease and simplify the workflow for healthcare professionals.

MYNG architects



New York Genome Center (“NYGC”) is an independent, non-profit organization – leveraging the collaborative resources of leading academic medical centers, research universities, and commercial organizations. NYGC’s mission is to transform biomedical research and clinical care in New York and beyond through the creation of what will become one of the largest bioinformatics and genomics facilities in North America.


Kiyohara Moffitt is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a new website!

Kiyohara Moffitt is an architectural design firm specializing in custom homes (new and remodels) and commercial design.


A 100% woman-owned business with a firm commitment to serving clients’ needs, and which believes in adding value to a project through thoughtful programming, design and coordination, always placing the welfare and the interests of the owner as first priority.

The Saklan SchoolThe Saklan School is an accredited, non-sectarian, nonprofit co-educational day school.

Their mission is to challenge students to think creatively, act compassionately, and live courageously.

We’re very honored to be included in the latest version of CRAVE Los Angeles.

CRAVE Los Angeles innovatively connects urban gals to the sassiest, gutsiest, most inspiring people they need to know in LA, through Soirees, gatherings, online networking and their unique guidebooks, which are “an Urban girl’s guide to all that you CRAVE”. It supports and enhance L.A.’s women-owned businesses while having some fun!

Connect. Inspire. Suceed

What’s your CRAVE?


Whether you’re a small or big business, or just a blogger who wants his/her voice heard, reaching a target audience is necessary for success. Even after tapping into your market by means of e-commerce and brand identity, tools such as website management, internet advertising and SEO are key strategies for retention.

Citrus Studios prides in providing these services and will be more than happy to work with finding that key demographic for your website. To help further understand the audience for your website and how to effectively present it, it may be helpful to understand how the internet is being used by different generations. recently provided an impressive breakdown of defining different age brackets, which of them are using the internet, how each one utilizes the web, and through what means. This can all be seen via the image to the right.

Understanding how web trends vary like the one above and how to present websites accordingly is what our highly-skilled team specializes in, so don’t hesitate to be ahead of the curve and contact us today!

Whether you’re a new business or a small business, the idea of installing e-commerceon your web site can be a very daunting task. What may help to transition to the morecomplex hosts is to opt for common, simple, and familiar e-commerce hosts like Google,Amazon, PayPal, and This article provides great insight as to which oneof these four e-commerce options are right for you and your web site.

PayPal: One-time start-up fee of $179 with a small monthly $20 fee; best for web savvy entrepreneurs

Amazon: No start-up fees with transaction fees starting at $0.30 per transaction; bestfor e-commerce beginners

Google: No start-up fees with transaction fees starting at $0.30 per transaction; best forbusinesses that already use Google services Start-up fee of $99 with a $20 monthly fee, $0.10 per transaction fee,and $0.25 per batch fee; best for larger businesses in need of advanced sales tools

As always, if you need help with setting up these e-commerce systems or actually wantto upgrade from them to better suit your business, call Citrus Studios, where the webmasters and web designers are both extremely helpful and proficient in e-commerceand everything else web site-related.

While we showed you how to track your website’s traffic, you’re probably wondering how to get traffic to your business website in the first place. No problem! Here are some easy, simple tips from this article that will help:

  • Business Cards: Phone numbers, while still important, do not provide the first impression that your website will give to your prospect or client. Seeing a business card without a website address these days is becoming rare.
  • E-Mail: Add your website URL to the signature of your e-mails. You’ll probably soon forget that it’s there, but you never know who may come across your e-mail!
  • Company Stationary: This may be obvious, but adding your business website address to your company stationary is a good move. It doesn’t hurt to put your URL everywhere.
  • Product Packaging: Whether it’s someone who is quick to throw out invoices or a friend who spotted and liked your product’s packaging, putting your company’s web address on the product’s box, envelope, or bag is an extremely effective way to reach out — customers are always quick to look for it!
  • Social Media Sites: You may have your About Me section excellently well-written and thought out; however, your business URL should be at the forefront of your Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

In addition to website design, Citrus Studios personnel are well-versed in packaging, corporate signage, trade show graphics/posters, stationary systems, web consulting and media, e-mail marketing, internet advertising, and more! Contact us today for more information.

While you’re contemplating that new website for the new year, perhaps this list of predicted website trends for 2011 will help with your decision.

  • Flexible Websites: Websites ought to be compatible in all media forms (browsers, mobile phones, iPads); the key to this trend is using multiple CSS media queries to serve multiple layouts, enabling flexible websites.
  • HTML 5: Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have already implemented this major revision of Hyper Text Markup Language — so should you!
  • Mobile E-Commerce: With mobile shopping rising a grand 143 percent in the past year, online retailers should be seeking ways to sell their products easily on mobile browsers.
  • Less is More: With limited space on Twitter and Facebook statuses, websites are increasingly becoming more keen with maximizing their 140 characters.

At Citrus Studios, our team can help you achieve these goals (and more!). Contact us today to get started!