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We worked closely with Agent18’s internal design team to create a web site more intuitive, engaging, modern & fresh.

The site also showcases Agent18’s new brand identity/logo.

Agent18 strives to protect your precious electronics so you may talk, type, sing, or dance your way through everyday life without worrying about security. They’ll keep you looking stylish with products that are functional, spark conversation, and get you noticed.

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The Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO-LA) announces that it has launched a completely revamped website in order to enhance the organization’s ability to communicate and collaborate with its membership and to attract new members.

NAWBO-LA represents the largest women-owned business community in the country, and is committed to the success and growth of the the Greater Los Angeles Business community – a region where over 509,000 women-owned businesses reside. The women-owned business community is the fastest growing segment in the economy, with such small businesses creating two out of three new jobs.

The new website was designed by Citrus Studios, which is owned and operated by Kalika Yap, a NAWBO-LA Board Member and V.P. of its Education Committee.  Yap was also the recipient of the organization’s Rising Star Award in 2010.

The website is the first in several new initiatives that the organization will be rolling out this year, including a NAWBO-LA Blog that will be accessed through the website and its first entrepreneur’s conference, Innovate 2 Own – I2O, an all day conference which will take place on September 24, 2011 at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Here’s the Calendar of Events:

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Representing more than 509,000 women-owned businesses in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana metropolitan area, employing more than 688,000 people, and generating more than $129 billion in annual revenues, women entrepreneurs have become an increasingly active and powerful force shaping the economic and political landscape of Southern California.

For more information about NAWBO-LA or the Enterprise Institute, please visit or call (213) 622-3200.

*The blog is an excerpt from the NAWBO Press Release.

Citrus Studios web design

It’s ok to admit it- you tried to build a website at one time. They make it seem so easy, don’t they? You tried to add a shopping cart…you had a question for your eCommerce provider, but you couldn’t find the time to call them and…your site sat there, half-done. Maybe a friend offered to fix it for you, but they got sidetracked as well. You looked at the online classified ad services for a designer, but then were hesitant to call them. Can you trust them?

That’s where Citrus Studios comes in. Citrus excels in being a Website Doctor. We focus on repairing your site, starting with the bones of your site all the way to the cosmetic face lift. We’ll give your site a nip/tuck or whatever it needs to reach your target audience and to meet your goals.

Contact us– we won’t laugh at you and your attempts to make a site. We promise. Now let’s get that site in top shape, so your calls can start rolling in.