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While you’re contemplating that new website for the new year, perhaps this list of predicted website trends for 2011 will help with your decision.

  • Flexible Websites: Websites ought to be compatible in all media forms (browsers, mobile phones, iPads); the key to this trend is using multipleĀ CSS media queries to serve multiple layouts, enabling flexible websites.
  • HTML 5: Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have already implemented this major revision of Hyper Text Markup Language — so should you!
  • Mobile E-Commerce: With mobile shopping rising a grand 143 percent in the past year, online retailers should be seeking ways to sell their products easily on mobile browsers.
  • Less is More: With limited space on Twitter and Facebook statuses, websites are increasingly becoming more keen with maximizing their 140 characters.

At Citrus Studios, our team can help you achieve these goals (and more!). Contact us today to get started!


Don’t forget the bottom of your website when creating the layout. The footer is a great place to put important information.

-Put information and links to pages you want visitors to notice
-Remind visitors you are on Twitter and Facebook (you are, right?!)
-Links to related information keep a visitor on the website longer
-The footer should have the same branding style as the rest of the page

The Citrus Studios footer maintains the branding, while directing visitors to the social media pages. The footer also makes it easy for visitors to find contact information. Many websites forget this- don’t have visitors searching all over your site for contact information. They’ll most likely leave your site frustrated, and find your competitor.

See the Citrus Studios footer here
Website function footer